Simon Whitehead in conversation

Simon Whitehead in conversation

Photo by Ray JacobsPhoto by Ray Jacobs


Working Where We Are… Simon Whitehead with Rosemary Lee

A reflective conversation on the dynamics of location, communitas and movement practice.

Simon Whitehead is a movement artist who has lived and worked in rural Wales for 22 years. Originally a Geographer, his practice is located, relational and embraces a wide network of connections. He makes his performance work, curates a dance micro festival and co-manages dance residencies in his home village of Abercych, Pembrokeshire and travels widely, often by foot!

He has collaborated consistently with Melbourne- based sound artist Barnaby Oliver and he has developed the ongoing annual Locator series of workshops, exploring ideas around location, ecology and movement practice. Recently he has been collaborating with Rosemary Lee on the durational performance work Calling Tree, made in and for significant urban trees.
Simon is also a craniosacral therapist, a Creative Research Fellow in the Faculty of Arts Aberystwyth University and lives with his 2 daughters and partner in the village of Abercych, west Wales.


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Monday 7th November 2016 17.30 – 19.00
Location: The Ellen Terry Building, Coventry, CV15RW