Moved… Series Summer 2014-Authentic Movement with Jane Bacon

Authentic Movement with Jane Bacon

Photo by Jane Bacon

Photo by Jane Bacon

Monday 23rd – Wednesday 25th June (times tbc)

Location: Coventry,UK click here to see a map of out venues

This 3-day Authentic Movement workshop is an opportunity to find out more about this wonderful somatic practice. Authentic Movement affords you time and space to delve into your direct experience and to develop your skills of inner listening and witnessing. The workshop will allow you time to reflect on and revitalize your movement, self and creative practice. Working in dyads (pairs), long and breathing circles (groups) in order to develop a strong and safe container will aid the development of an embodied consciousness. Extended periods of time with eyes closed allows for a release from our ocular-centric world and allows you to notice and move from/with your inner listening, seeing and sensing. You will learn to track your movement as it arises and to go deeper into the direct experience and ‘felt sense’ (Gendlin, 1978) of what arises when you wait to be moved from within. All these experiences provide material for drawing, writing, verbal and moving reflections.

In the mornings you will learn skills from the practice of Authentic Movement as currently practiced and taught by Janet Adler (Adler’s new training programme for teachers of Authentic Movement was launched in 2014, Bacon is on the UK Faculty). The afternoons will be devoted to developing what has arisen in the morning sessions. From your direct and felt experiences you will begin to move toward deepening, questioning and exploring your own practice whether that is Authentic Movement, movement/dance, writing or other creative arts. We will work with where you are right now and allow our direct experience to aid a journey of deepening embodied awareness. This work can inform and be the foundation of any creative practice, offers a deep sense of renewal, and an opportunity to explore deep silent awareness.

The workshop is suitable for those who have explored Authentic Movement before as well as relative newcomers. It is perhaps best suited to those with a strong sense of their creative movement practice, an interest in and experiences of depth and who feel psychologically equipped to work intensively in this way.

Jane is an Authentic Movement teacher who practices with and is supervised by Authentic Movement founder, Janet Adler (Canada). Jane is on the faculty of Adler new training programme for Authentic Movement teachers called Circles of Four. She is also a Focusing Trainer, a Jungian Analyst and Professor of Dance and Somatics at the University of Chichester. She has over 30 years experience of making dance and performance work, teaching in Education and Higher Education and has been developing her work on ‘Articulations’ of creative process with Prof Vida Midgelow for over 20 years as part of the Choreographic Lab.

Prices for 3 day workshop
£135 In Full time employed/funded place
£113 Part-time/Self employed
£90 Unemployed/Students
Please send proof of status with booking.

To book please download the Moved Series booking form and email it to or post it to the address on the form.