Moved Series…Winter 2017: Being in Action through another body workshop with Antonio De La Fe

Moved Series… Winter 2017-Being in Action through another body workshop with Antonio de la Fe

Public House 2012 event 149credits: Antonio De La Fe

Being in Action through another body:

The concise OED defines surrogate as “a substitute, especially a person deputising for another in a specific role or office.” For this one day workshop the idea is to join a partner and work together as surrogate bodies, with led tasks to facilitate and explore the possibilities for movement that might arise.

By exploring moving another person’s body instead of your own, we can learn to move a partner’s body as though it is our own – or an extension of our own body.  In this way we may become the agent, in the same way we can become agents over any kind of tool we learn to manipulate.

Expect to explore for an extended time, to work at your own pace in order to learn how to surrogate and how to move your surrogate. Expect some time working quietly, with eyes closed and some work with other people.

There will also be time for reflection and for conversation.

Public House 2012 event 114
Antonio de la Fe is a Spanish choreographer and dancer based in London with a background in physiotherapy and Pilates. Coming to dance relatively late, he initially trained in Madrid. He came to London in 2006 where he completed an MA in Performance at The Place, writing on The Creation of Solo Choreography Through Deep Engagement with The Application of Mental Imagery Specific Processes for his thesis. Since then he has danced for Jonathan Lunn, Eva Recacha, Matthias Sperling, Annie Lok and Riccardo Buscarini, and his choreographed works include the Place Prize finalist piece Cameo (2011), an open OPENLAB: a hybrid, Va por Vds., and A void.

Currently, Antonio’s main creative enquiry revolves around his Unrehearsed Series: a group of pieces which investigate the border between lived daily life and performance. Under the aegis of Independent Dance in London, he received a BBC Performing Arts Fund Fellowship in 2015 to develop this series. Collaborators for the series include Martine Painter, Mary Ann Hushlak, Mariana Camiloti, Petra Söör and Manou Koreman.

                                                          credits: Antonio De La Fe

Date and Times Location

Sunday 29th January 2017 Approx. 10.00am-5pm

Location: Institute for Creative Enterprise (ICE), Parkside, Coventry, CV1 2NE

Prices and Booking

Workshop fee: £40 Full price (ft employed/workshop paid by organisation or institution), £30 Independent Artist (pt employed and or freelance artist), £20 Concession (in full time education and/ or unemployed)

*prices do not include booking fee

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