Skinner Releasing Technique Classes

Skinner Releasing Technique

This year there will be 3 Introductory and Ongoing SRT Classes taught by Polly Hudson and Gaby Agis

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Intro SRT classes with Polly Hudson or Ongoing SRT classes with Gaby Agis (both classes run at the same times)

Sunday 29th June 10:00-12:00

Monday 30th June 10:00-12:00 and 14:00-16:00

Prices for 3 classes £30/£25/£20 (full-time employed or funded/part-time employed or independent/student or unemployed) Drop in prices are available, details are on the booking form.

Classes take place in Coventry on the university Campus, click here for information about our venues.

Three classes of the Skinner Releasing Technique.

As we let go of habitual holding patterns, we are supported to cultivate an increasing sensitivity to our own physical and imaginative experience. The result can be a deeply embodied awareness of new possibilities in how we move and exist – both inside the studio as movers and creators, and in our daily life.

We will work with guided poetic imagery, with movement studies supported by music and sound, and with hands on in pairs. We will also work with writing/drawing/mark making at the end of class.

SRT is a dance class for professionals, newcomers and beginners alike: all those interested in exploring embodiment, expression, creativity and awareness through moving.


Polly Hudson is a dancer, artist and teacher. She has made numerous live, screendance, and installation pieces over a twenty year period; these have been shown nationally in the UK, and in the USA and Europe in theatres, galleries, and at festivals.

Polly is Senior Lecturer and Co-course Director for Dance at Coventry University, and has taught at many of the dance institutions in the UK and internationally, as well as regular open public workshops.

Polly is a certified teacher of Skinner Releasing Technique; her practice is also underpinned by Contact Improvisation, and an ongoing investigation of hands on bodywork as a resource for the creative process.


Gaby Agis is one of the pioneers of collaborative performance in Britain, working with leading artists of her generation from other disciplines in galleries, museums and theatres. She founded Gaby Agis & Company in 1985 and the artists she has worked with are Turner Prize nominee Isaac Julien, sculptors Kate Blacker and Cornelia Parker, composers David Sylvian and Gavin Bryars, architects Muf, and the director Atom Eyogan.

Since 1993 Gaby has taught the Skinner Releasing Technique throughout Europe, and annually at the Skinner Releasing summer program in Seattle.

For nearly twenty years Gaby has taught both Introductory and Ongoing SRT worldwide. Gaby enjoys teaching a wide range of students from long-term professional dancers to those new to dance. As well as teaching widely in dance institutions, Gaby has collaborated with students of architecture, theatre and the visual arts, and continues to be inspired by the possibilities that SRT brings to different communities. In 2010-11 Gaby was a faculty member on the certification programmes of SRT teacher trainings at both the Introductory and Ongoing levels. As a choreographer and dancer she finds SRT intrinsic to her creative process. Over the past thirty years she has created dance in many different environments from hospitals to opera houses to train stations to galleries. Gaby’s current project takes her north to Baffin Island and Lapland, collaborating with Inuit and Sami artists.