Ground Work

Ground Work

The next few dates:

February – Monday 27st- with Tempura Batter

March- Monday 20th- with Improvisation Laboratory MēTAFōRA

April– Monday, 24th- Open for Proposal

*(may be subject to change)

Open for Proposals!

Some of the session are still open for proposals. Would you like to share something or try something out with a group of willing movers and makers? Are you working on a new piece or have an idea for a project you want to explore?

More information on Ground Work


Facilitated by Decoda, Ground Work is an open space for dance artists to explore and experiment with other artists.

Free monthly workshops led by dance artists wanting to try out something new/old/different within their making/practice. We also welcome those working within interdisciplinary practices and not necessarily pure dance forms. There will also be space for discussion and for participants to share their own research/practice.


An offshoot from the Making Space 3 week artists residencies- with these regular sessions we hope to allow space for dance artists research and develop their work with no-strings attached.

What will it involve?

For the most part each session will be focused on one or more artists particular ideas/questions they want to bring and try out with the rest of the group.

We will sometimes begin with introductions and a general warm up and then its over to you, or them, or it. The artists will lead the group though an exploration based around their practice or a piece they are developing and then there will be time for discussion.

There will also be time for each participant to talk about their own practice and ideas and or something they want to propose for another session.


The sessions happen on the third Monday of every month. Unless otherwise stated

From 18:00-21:00

Can I come?

The sessions are aimed towards graduates, emerging artists, established artists, individuals, duos, groups and everyone else in between.


Ground Work sessions will take place at Coventry University in the Ellen Terry Building