Past Projects

Here you can access information about our previous projects and performance work.

Moved… Series Autumn 2013

6-7 September 2013 Two day workshop with Laurel Tentindo.

9-13 September 2013 Graduate intensive and mentorship programme with Laurel Tentindo.

19 October 2013 On Invitation : A one day movement laboratory and space for questioning with Charlie Morrissey

8-9 November 2013 Writing on the moving body with Liz Aggiss

Moved… Series Spring 2013

11-15 April 2013 Five day intensive with Karen Nelson

24-27 May 2013 Four day site-specific exploration with Helen Poynor.  Beginnings-Towards Performance

Moved… Series 2012

10–14 September 2012 A week with Charlie Morrissey  A week of extended morning practice and research led afternoons.

6-7 October 2012 A weekend with Cecilia Macfarlane Autobiographical solo composition

10-11 November 2012 A weekend with Fiona Millward and Andrea Buckley

Performance Series 2013

28 -29 September 2013 With Water: a durational installation by Hilary Kneale and Christian Kipp

7 November 2013 The English Channel by Liz Aggiss

Performance Series 2012

5 October 2012 Cecilia Macfarlane I’ll leave you to yourself then

7 November 2012 Spiltmilk Dance Spiltmilk say Dance