The Fringe Festival

The Fringe Festival 28th June

This year at Summer Dancing 2014 we have a FREE day event for recent graduates ’24/8 Fringe’ 28/06/14
A chance to connect with recent graduates programmed by recent graduates with an array of performances, workshops and conversations.
The day will begin with a 10am registration at Ellen Terry Building, Priory Street, CV1 5FB. (Bring along clothes to move in and a pen and paper for notes).
To take part is this unusual and exciting fringe across different spaces in Coventry and share, exchange, network, engage and bond with other artists just Email: and let us know you want to come!
See current schedule below: 





Cut and Paste Dance Company Present ‘TwinSpring’ Empty shop space (31 Smithford Way) 11-11:30am This duet explores new dance movement influenced by the 1970s social dance style The Pogo. The piece journeys through the physical action of bouncing using pogo sticks. Endurance and repetition creates physical presence which invites the audience to experience realism within the piece.
Coffee Morning DISCUSSION with Flora Wellesley Wesley Chisenhale Lanchester Gallery 12-1pm Coffee Mornings at Chisenhale Dance Space run every six weeks, each hosted by a different artist on a different topic. This Coffee Morning will be happening in Coventry as part of 24/8 Fringe, the focus will be on life post-graduation, and will be hosted by Flora Wellesley Wesley. More information on the Coffee Mornings can be found at
Marketing and social media workshop for Freelance artists with Laura Sweeny Lanchester Gallery 1-2pm Join Laura Sweeney for a one-hour session on why social media can be useful for you as an artist. Laura Sweeney is Lead Producer at Chisenhale Dance Space in East London, as well as a freelance arts marketer and consultant. With a background in digital and social media marketing, Laura has worked for companies and organisations including Big Dance, Dance Consortium and Protein Dance, as well as supporting UK tours from Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Danza Contemporanea de Cuba and many more.
Julie Havelund & Agnese Lanza Present performance workshop ‘Inter Pares’ Ellen Terry: 101 2.30-3.30pm Inter Pares Project is an ongoing research and performance project. We draw inspiration from what surrounds us to situate ourselves in a context, which is constantly changing based on where we are and who we face.WORKSHOP: The workshop will consists of some of the tasks we use to generate material or scores, the creation of material as well as open discussions about these ways of working.
We are looking forward to opening up our creative processes and ways of generating material in this workshop. We don’t add any extra emotive layers, we simply enjoy challenging our minds and bodies through tasks involving memory, attentiveness, stamina, focus, authenticity, and a curiosity in making new discoveries in movement and performance.
Trish Martin & Oana Rotariu
Present ‘Assenza’
Lanchester Gallery 3:45-4:45pm “Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change.”
Brené BrownThis live work brings together four independent movement artists with mutual curiosity to explore a greater depth in performance with the philosophical concepts of attention, uncertainty and being present. The piece will display the potential interaction across moving bodies and the instabilities and shifts in thinking patterns.
2Blondes Present ‘Turning Back the Clock’ Empty shop space (31 Smithford Way) 5-5:15pm ‘Turning Back the Clock’ is an explorative work in process by the 2Blondes focussing on the allure of youth and the mundane responsibilities of a women’s maintenance. More specifically, the 2Blondes hope to capture a females undying need to preserve the abundance of youth present in today’s society, draw humour on their fears of anti-ageing and explore the lengths of which females can go to in the hope to regain their youthful complexions.
Rachel Gildea Presents ‘ Tales’ Empty shop space (31 Smithford Way) 5:30-5:45pm ‘Tales’ explores one woman’s desire to reconnect with her childhood, to wear a fancy costume and tell it like it is. Under the surface, we are all just freaks longing for love.
Hannah Greyson-Gaito Lanchester Gallery 6-6:30pm An open space divided by a proscenium arch of paper cranes. On one side, chairs of various types are scattered. On the other, the chalk outlines of people show how closely packed John and Tarek were. The audience members enter and are lead individually around the space whilst being told stories, either from the performer’s life or about one of the prisoners supported by Amnesty International. Eventually they are lead to a chair. The piece ends with the lone performer reciting Niemoller’s poem “First they came…”.  (more info and pictures can be found at )
Performance Installation work Choreographers: Amber Davies and Ellen BoothComposer: David Gurney Music: Four Movements Through Space Ellen Terry:230 6:30-7pm The choreography explores process revealed and embedded in performance. The initial impetus for the work revolved around ideas surrounding authenticity, rawness, improvisation and immediacy in creating and performing. The presentational form blends an edited arrangement of digital documentary footage, taken from our rehearsal process together with live responses in music and dance. The performance space is altered to create an onstage installation of TVs, flanked by opposite rows of seats. These serve as the frame and the context for the live interventions by the choreographers, the composer and the digital media.
Showcase of films from Chisenhale Dance Space Members 


80Collective/Samuel Cook FILM ‘Adolescent Anxiety’


Ellen Terry: Room 230 7:30-8pm Chisenhale Dance Space presents a selection of short choreographic films from artistic community members Hannah and Amy Buckley, Antonio de la Fe and Martine Painter, Antje Hildebrandt, and Maria Sideri, first presented as part Dance Film Festival 2014.Choreographed and Directed by Samuel Cook as part of 80collective.
This dance film is an abstracted autobiographical study of relationships both past and present. It focuses on looking back through fragmented memories at moments that are both pivotal and pointless

This duet explores new dance movement influenced by the 1970s social dance style The Pogo. The piece journeys through the physical action of bouncing using pogo…