Making Space 2014

Making Space 2014

The Ellen Terry Building – The Mini Dome

Thursday 26th June, 5.30pm – 6.30pm

Faye Green
Undone – a work in progress

If it wasn’t for the ground and if it wasn’t for the ground.
This is the story I’ve been telling myself, about stopping. This is my ceasing, seizing, unceasing narrative of seizure. And where does it start? How can I begin to tell you how I have gained weight in the night and woken so much thinner?
I’ve been putting my mouth around things –
…Undone explores the troubled language of the tactile body – the touches that make and unmake, bind and unbind.

The Lanchester Gallery

Thursday 26th June, 6.30pm – 7.30pm

Mary Pearson

The practice that I’m sharing as part of Making Space is one element of a larger research process, to ultimately result in a new solo performance. During my residency in Coventry, 3 dancers and I have been exploring the notion of ‘wildness’. In my research, I’ve defined it as the physical desire that resides beneath the layers of our training and technique. We have been ‘Thrill Seeking’, working with intensifying pleasurable sensation and using wild words. The research will continue in Autumn with a group of professional dance artists, and the solo will preview in November at Liverpool Hope University.

Artist in residence: Mary Pearson
Performed by: Abbie Hannaby, Melissa Ingles, Mary Pearson
Additional dancer-researcher: Angelika Mizinska

Thanks to Katye Coe and Lily Hayward-Smith for this opportunity!

The Ellen Terry Building – Room 221

Thursday 26th June, 7.30pm – 8.30pm

rahel vonmoos
c – monologues

for this residency i wanted to create a space where ideas about distance, change, disappearance, memory and fragmentation are played out using personal and shared imagination. this has been inspired by the feminist re-writing of cassandra by german author christa wolf, by dictionary definitions and translations of words and by text entries from different places, occasions and journeys.

performed by jindeok park, luke birch and rahel vonmoos
soundscape: extracts of sound by dan usiskin and david lang; voice: janine harrington

i would like to thank the whole decoda team and cath cullinane; and also to amber davies, ella tighe, ellen booth and stephanie dagnall for letting me try out some of the ideas as a group.

The Ellen Terry Building – Room 221

Thursday 26th June, 8.30pm – 9.30pm

Bettinna Neuhaus

During her Making Space residence dance artist Bettina Neuhaus has investigated a methodology of practice, which interrogates ‘attentiveness’ in its different facets in order to allow dance and composition to emerge and unfold.

MINATURES delivers an insight into various aspects of this practice.

A manifesto for your practice

We are pleased to announce this years Making Space artists;

Bettina Neuhaus

Mary Pearson

Rahel Vonmoos

Faye Green

All of the artists will be resident in Coventry from 9th-26th June and sharings will be taking place on 26th June at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum.

You can follow the artists during their residency via the Summer Dancing blog site
For any enquiries please contact Lily Hayward-Smith, Making Space project director, by email at


What is Making Space?

The Making Space residency was born out of our desire to give artists the opportunity to take time to invest in and investigate aspects of their practice.This may be to work towards a performance, or to research new ideas. It is considered a making space. The artist will be offered space and resources in the three weeks leading up to Summer Dancing 2014. They will be invited to share or perform something as part of the festival. The residency will begin around the 5th June 2014 and last for three weeks. We are located in Coventry, click here to see a map or our venues.

Previous Making Space artists include; Hilary Kneale, Meghan Flanigan, Oliver Scott, Sally Dean and Rose McCausland.